Enterprise Partnerships

Alien Rides partners with corporations, colleges and government entities to provide environmentally friendly personal electric transportation solutions. Some examples of situations where an enterprise partnership would be ideal are as follows:

  • A corporation or college campus needs inner-campus transportation vehicles for employees to get around quickly.

  • An organization has the desire for employees to spend less time commuting by providing them with a supported last mile vehicle.

  • A farm or agricultural department needs small but robust transportation for people, produce and equipment around their property.

Transportation At Scale

From ten to ten thousand units, Alien Rides can partner with you to provide a massive boost to your transportation needs. We have a well stocked warehouse in San Francisco and sample units are always available. Orders of large quantities may need to be made to order.


Vehicle Availability

Alien Rides has different types of vehicles available for bulk deployments. These vehicles are typically much smaller than bicycles, with many fewer moving parts. This means less in the form of maintenance and broken vehicles. These small footprint vehicles are perfect for minimizing storage space and getting around. We have various forms of transportation available including:

  • Miniature E-bikes - The Extreme Bull or Fiido would be a perfect option for those coming from a bicycle or motorcycle background.

  • Foldable Scooters - Our Vsett line is a compact electric scooter that's versatile and easy to learn. After the popularity of rental scooters, most are able or willing to ride these popular vehicles.

  • Electric Unicycles - The most compact vehicle is the electric unicycle. Due to having a minimal frame and single wheel, nothing is as small or as portable as an electric unicycle. About four unicycles can sit in the footprint of a single e-bike. There is a learning curve to this vehicle, and we offer lessons and trainings as part of our support plans.

Purchase Pricing

Prices are listed on our website for all available models. For bulk purchase orders of at least 10 units we can provided discounted pricing. Additional price breaks are available at higher levels.

> Example: Acme Corp wants to purchase electric scooters for their employees to commute to work. They decide to purchase 100 new Vsett 10+ electric scooters. A 15% discount is applied to this order due to the high quantity. Their total cost is 100 * $2,290 * 0.85 = $194,650.

Lease Pricing

Alien Rides has leasing available for any number of personal electric vehicles. Leases have a six month minimum term with an option to purchase after. Normal lease rate for electric vehicles is 10% of the cost of the vehicle each month.

> Example: Acme Corp wants to pilot on campus electric scooters for their employees. They decide to lease 25 new Vsett 10+ electric scooters. Their lease rate is 10% of the vehicle cost per month. Their payment is: 25 * ($2,290 * 0.1) = $5,725 per month.

Support Plans

Alien Rides offers monthly support plans. From video guides, video calls with technicians and technician dispatches we have a plan in place to keep your fleet operational.

Standard Warranty

Our standard warranty provides parts and labor free of charge for up to two years. As defects are found, customers should submit a video showing the issue. Our technicians will work with customers to ensure that they have the parts and documentation to keep their vehicles running.

Support Plan - Silver

Our upgraded support plan is available to organizations with 100 or more units. Under this plan parts are shipped express to you and one-on-one video instruction is provided by our technicians when needed. When difficult repairs occur, we provide round trip shipping to our repair center.

Starting from $50 per vehicle per month.

Support Plan - Gold

Our highest tier of support plan will have technicians visit you for the initial deployment and setup, and as needed onsite for training, maintenance and repairs, up to once a month.

Cross-shipping working vehicles to swap with broken ones may be employed to minimize downtime. In addition SLAs and business continuity plans are mutually agreed upon, as well as alerting, processes and escalations.

Starting from $100 per vehicle per month.

Ready to get started?

If your organization is ready to get started with personal electric transportation, get in touch today.