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Product Information


Battery: 72 volt (84 volt peak) 42 amp hours, 300A Peak Draw

Brakes: Magura MT5e

Motor: 2 x 5,000 Watts

Power: 8.4k Watts Nominal, 25k Watts Peak

Range: 50-75 Miles

Speed: 60 mph

Suspension: Dual Custom Suspension


In collaboration with some of the greatest designers and expert modders in Singapore we've developed an electric ride like none other. Starting with a Fiido e-bike frame as the base, we kit out with upgraded custom wound motors and custom controllers. A custom carbon fiber seat, magura mt5e brakes, carbon fiber handlebars and custom dual suspension complete the Nova package and allow you to rocket down the streets on a tiny electric ride.

Sporting a custom color shifting chameleon paint and AR edition side panels the Nova is a sight to behold.

Our fast charger is available as an add-on so you can charge at up to 10 amps while on the go. We recommend charging at a lower setting for day to day use.

Our Nova e-bikes are made to order and take between 4-6 weeks to be delivered to your door.

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