About Alien Rides: Electric Scooter & Unicycle Store

About AlienRides.com 

It started with videos...

Alien Rides was originally founded to provide the latest content on personal electric vehicles. We started with a small YouTube channel putting out video reviews, impressions, and tips, then slowly over the years we’ve become the number 1 channel in all things electric transportation. If you haven't seen our channel yet, check it out here, subscribe and let's ride!


Then repairs and mods... 

With our start in reviews we had a deep knowledge of the community, industry and problems around PEV’s. Very few sellers provided the warranty or service that satisfied us, and many people had trouble with repairs if they could get their rides repaired at all. Low quality scooters break down often, and parts take a very long time to arrive from China. With all this in mind, we decided to fill that void with PEV Works in San Francisco, where we service scooters and PEVs from a variety of manufacturers. We can repair and modify every make and model of electric vehicle. We find the root cause of the most common issues, not just to fix them in the moment, but to keep those problems from returning. 


And now alienrides.com!

We weren’t satisfied with just repairs and mods, we wanted to provide high quality PEVs with better support than any other dealer. With our experience maintaining and reviewing personal electric vehicles, we realized we can find the highest quality PEVs and offer the best warranty out there. Therefore, we created a hassle free, industry leading, full 2-year warranty. Our goal is to provide the best possible product and service, and we hope that you join us on our mission to advance PEVs around the world.