Extreme Bull K6 Electric Bike

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Product Information


Battery: 146V Lithium Iron

Charger: 146V/10A

Dimensions: Dimensions: 31.5 inches (H) x 53 inches (L) x 26 inches (W)

Max Load: 200 kg / 440 lbs

Motor: 3500Watt*2

Net Weight: 165 lbs

Range: 60-120 miles (154 lb rider at 12 mph)

Top Speed: 100kmh / 60 mph


A Brand New Ride

The Extreme Bull keeps getting better with the release of the K6. It's the first of its kind with a unique form factor inspired by sitting scooters but with a far more relaxed riding position and lower center of gravity. Combined with the extreme power this makes the Extreme Bull the perfect scooter for mobbing around town! Our new K6 version now sports a more refined frame, upgraded suspension, and higher voltage LFP battery.

This Bull Always Sees Red!

Running on two powerful 3500 watt motors the Extreme Bull lives up to the name! Like a charging bull, it can reach 50+ mph. while the 44 amp hour battery keeps riding for 65 miles of practical range*

Note there is a $500 shipping surcharge for the bull due to the nature of it need to be ships with freight. This fee is waived for pickup in San Francisco, California. 


*Extreme Bull K6 specs might change as the product are still in testing phrase. Please check back from time to time for update!

**Due to credit card processing fees, cancellation of a preorder will be subject to a small fee that we are hit with when the order is accepted



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