Rion Curve

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Black Wire
Red Wire
White wire
Signal Out

Product Information

Alien Rides is proud to announce that we will be the exclusive dealer for the RION Curve thumbwheel throttle in the future.

Rion is having sourcing issues with their standard model, we suggest purchasing the Dyol universal throttle

Comes with 4 inches of wire 

Fine-Tuned Control

Coming from RION, the designers of the world’s only hyper-scooter, the Curve Throttle is designed for perfect throttle control.

High Quality Build

RION has spared no expense in the build quality. The frame and control-wheel are made from machined aluminum.


Note: The Curve throttle is designed for a throttle-only set up where display and lock modules are separate.


These throttles are now coming with a 3 inch wire pigtail and no wire loom. We can extend the wires and include a wire loom for an additional $20. 

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