Dyol Universal Thumb Throttle

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Product Information

Right Hand ETA June 1
Enhance Your Riding Experience Like Never Before!

Introducing Dyol's innovative Universal Thumb Throttle - the ultimate upgrade for your electric vehicle. This cutting-edge throttle empowers you to seamlessly transition between full-motion throttle and a 50/50 throttle & regen configuration with a simple screw adjustment. It's the most comfortable throttle we've ever tried, and it's packed with amazing features!

Wide Compatibility: Compatible with a range of electric scooter models, including Ninebot, Segway, Surron, Gotrax, Boosted Rev, Onyx, VESC builds, Hiboy, Dualtron, Bronco, FLJ, Rion, Apolo, Varla, Emove, Razer, and more! Note that your scooter's throttle must be separate from the display. If you have a combo display/throttle, send it to us, and we'll add a remote Dyol wire for compatibility.  Please know that you may have to solder and modify your scooter.  This comes with bare wires and requires you to know what you're up against.  

Two Operating Modes:

  • Throttle Only Mode: Connect the yellow wire to set the throttle for one-directional rotation, ideal for straightforward acceleration without regenerative braking.

  • Throttle & Regen Mode: Connect the white wire to enable bi-directional rotation, giving you control over both throttle and regenerative braking at your fingertips.**

Effortless Adjustment: Switching between modes is a breeze. Just swap the two smaller hex head screws located on the bottom of the throttle to customize your riding experience to your liking.

Blue Indicator Light: This throttle features a blue indicator light that informs you when the throttle and scooter are powered on.

Built to Last: Water-resistant and constructed with military-grade components, this throttle is designed to withstand the elements and offer reliable performance.

Safety First: Please remember never to use both the white and yellow wires together. Always select either the yellow wire for one-directional rotation or the white wire for bi-directional rotation to ensure your safety while riding.

Optimal Performance: This throttle is compatible with the vast majority of OEM scooters on the market. Simply provide it with 5 volts, and it will output 0.8 volts at zero throttle input and 4.2 volts at full throttle input, ensuring you experience enhanced performance and control.

Upgrade your electric scooter today with our Universal Thumb Throttle and unlock a new level of customization and control. Elevate your riding experience and order now!

**Dyol is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of electric devices that have handlebars. It operates using a standard +5DCV voltage input for throttle-only applications. However, when you intend to utilize it for regenerative braking control, there are a few considerations:

1. Motor and Controller Requirements: For regenerative braking to function, both the motor and the controller must support this feature. Not all motors and controllers are equipped for regenerative braking, so it's crucial to ensure compatibility.

2. Single Voltage Configuration: In many cases, controllers need to be configured to receive a single voltage input to control both acceleration and regenerative braking. This configuration may need to be set at the factory during production, or it might necessitate changing the controller altogether.  Some scooters may show an error code if the voltage feeding the throttle is not a full 5 volts.  

3. Access to Controller Software: To enable regenerative braking, it's essential to have sufficient access to the controller's software settings. This access allows you to make the necessary adjustments for regen control. Keep in mind that not all controllers provide this level of access, so it's crucial to verify compatibility and controller capabilities.

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