8 Unexpected Health Benefits of Riding Electric Scooters and Unicycles Daily

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8 Unexpected Health Benefits of Riding Electric Scooters and Unicycles Daily

The Top Health Benefits of Riding Electric Scooters & Unicycles

Did you know that, not only is riding an electric scooter or electric unicycle fun, but it can also offer you some great health benefits? Personal electric vehicles are quickly becoming popular alternatives to mechanical vehicles and walking because they offer some unique perks when used on a regular basis.

Is riding a personal electric vehicle safe?

One of the main questions people have about personal electric vehicles is, are they safe to use? The answer depends on a few factors.

Personal electric vehicles like scooters and unicycles are improving in their materials, designs, and construction constantly. Yes, they are a newer technology that might have a few bugs and kinks to work out, but they are already highly regulated and monitored for safety, meaning that they are likely to improve safety-wise in the future.

Beyond this, the skill of the rider also informs the safety of the vehicle. As with any mode of transportation, a new rider is always going to be slightly more at risk than an experienced one, especially on unusual modes of transport like unicycles. However, if riders are willing to take the appropriate precautions - using the right safety gear, taking classes, practicing regularly, etc. - they can be safe and smart about how they use their vehicles.

So yes, overall, personal electric vehicles are as safe as any other mode of transport when used responsibly.

8 unexpected health benefits of riding electric scooters and unicycles daily

Not only are electric scooters and electric unicycles safe, but, as mentioned, they can also have some interesting health benefits. Here are eight benefits of riding electric scooters and unicycles daily that you may not have considered.

Improved balance

Riding on any standing vehicle requires you to constantly adjust your center of gravity and rely heavily on your sense of balance to stay upright. As with any kind of consistent training, doing this for long stretches of time can help improve your sense of balance and spatial awareness.

Stronger muscles

Because of the balance required to ride electric scooters and unicycles, your core muscles - those in the center of your torso and back - are constantly engaged, strengthening them over time.

Better coordination

Improved balance and muscle strength combine to allow you a better sense of coordination when you use an electric scooter or unicycle regularly. Your reaction times can improve, making riding easier over time and allowing you to ride more safely.

Improved posture

With that improved balance and practice also comes improved posture. Appropriate posture is incredibly important to riding - you have to stand straight to lean a scooter or unicycle in the right direction - and can lead to improved posture even when simply standing or sitting, which can help with back and neck health.

Stronger immune system

With regular exposure to the world on a commute, you’re bound to develop a stronger immune system. Research has found that regular exposure to normal allergens found in an outdoor commute can have anti-inflammatory effects and can improve overall health over time.

Reduced stress

Along with having a stronger immune system, riding a personal electric vehicle to work or school, or just riding for fun, can help reduce stress. Because these vehicles require concentration to control, they can help break up stressful thought spirals and allow you to take a mental reset break before diving back into regular life. They also allow you to get outside and exercise, which has been clinically shown to reduce stress over time.

Boosted memory and bone health

Beyond just being fun to do, riding an electric unicycle or scooter can improve your mental and physical health by allowing you exposure to sunlight, which provides vital Vitamin D, a nutrient our bodies need to have strong bones and healthy memories.

Better planetary health

Riding a personal electric vehicle isn’t just good for you; it’s also good for the environment. Personal electric vehicles like electric scooters and electric unicycles are vastly better for the environment than cars, which means that replacing your commute with an electric alternative can help to lessen the impact it has on the environment. 


Electric scooters and unicycles are always improving. If these are the benefits of daily riding now, imagine what these machines will help you accomplish in the future!

Whether you’re riding for your health or just looking for some fun, Alien Rides has something for you to enjoy. Check out our top-of-the-industry electric scooter lineup or our innovative electric unicycle offerings from some of the best names in the industry to find the perfect machine to get you moving. 

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