Vsett 10+ Custom 35 Ah Extended Battery

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Battery Capacity
35 Samsung 50e / 29.4 Molicel p42a
Battery Voltage
60v nominal 67.2 Full charge
OEM 80 amp Vsett

Product Information

New addition to Alien Rides.  Thanks for all of you who asked.  

When compared to the base Vsett 10+ is almost double the range of the OEM stock battery.  A direct plug and play swap of your current Vsett Battery.   All the connectors, are the same length, size, and connector type.  Installation video below.  Total install time less than 7 minutes.   

Jan 10,2023 update.  We now offer with an 80 amp Smart Bluetooth Battery Management System.  This is an optional update.  You have full control of charge endpoint parameter, balance parameters, and you can see live current and usage statistics.   Its the year 2023.  Treat your scooter to the future of battery telemetry.

If coupled with our 25 Ah handlebar Alien Rides Range Extender you can have a total of 60ah.  Over 100 miles of range on a midweight scooter!

Charge at up to 16 amps with our compact Alien Rides Hyper Charger. (please request a "y" charging harness during checkout).  You can also use your stock / OEM charger, or our traditinal 9 amp fast charger.

Want to charge on the go at any EV station.  We sell a hand made EV adaptor.  Charge up to 3kw (enough for you and 3 friends 10 amps each)

We CNC cut the nickel out of solid sheets.  No thin flimsy cheap nickel here.  Quality hand spot weleded and quality checked.  We log and test each battery on special machines to identify any issues before shippping out.  

We take saftey seriously here.  Our battery has 100% coverage with a composite fiberglass sheet in case of puncture or abuse.  No risk of fires from puncture or  abrasion.  We don't just slap some heat shrink around the cells and call it a day.  

Each pack is hand assembled with 112 Individual 21700 Samsung 50e cells. (35 Ah, 2000wh)

If you want maximum performance, we have a pack avaiable with Molicell P42a for less voltage sag and slightly more speed.  (29.4 Ah 1693 wh).  If you live in San Francisco and frequent hills, or find yourself in mode 3 maxed out the Molicell might be better for you.

All batteries are made to order.  Lead time 5-6 weeks.  

Best in class warranty.

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