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Battery Capacity
55 Ah
Battery Voltage
Max Range
87 Miles (140 KM)
Motor Power
12.5 KW

Product Information

Thrilling Adventures

Experience the ultimate thrill of off-road biking with the Surron Ultra Bee, a groundbreaking electric dirt bike that blends high-performance technology with a sleek, robust design. At the heart of the Ultra Bee lies Surron's 4th-generation powertrain, nestled within a crafted aluminum alloy forged chassis.

Drawing inspiration from its illustrious predecessors, the Ultra Bee elevates electric biking performance to extraordinary heights. Its innovative powertrain offers precision handling and smooth power output, incorporating Surron's advanced off-road traction control system (SRTC). This system is designed to tackle challenging terrains, enhancing your riding experience effortlessly.

The Ultra Bee doesn't just impress with its powertrain; it boasts a refined, race-inspired braking system for unmatched stopping power on rugged trails. The unique TR rear suspension, coupled with a newly developed front suspension system, empowers riders to push their limits, enhancing speed, jumps, and overall confidence on the bike.

A testament to Surron's commitment to excellence, the Ultra Bee is engineered with insights gleaned from years of racing experience. Its optimized off-road braking system ensures a more reactive response and features a unique parking system that allows easy wheel locking with just one hand.

The Ultra Bee is a marvel of balance and innovation. Its design concept, "Balancing On the Cutting Edge," is evident in every aspect, from its even, balanced build to its trail motorcycle capabilities that suit daily commutes.

Powering this revolutionary bike is a high-performance Li-ion battery pack (4070wh), offering unparalleled power density and extended battery life. The battery maintains a low discharge temperature, ensuring reliability and continuous power delivery.

Surron's Surround Traction Control System (SRTC) is a highlight feature, offering multiple off-road traction settings at the push of a button, adaptable for any off-road condition.

Riders can choose between four riding modes: ECO, DAILY, SPORT, and Reverse, all accessible via ergonomically designed switches. The improved Reverse Mode adds more confidence, eliminating the fear of getting stuck on challenging trails.

The Ultra Bee's fully adjustable suspension system, with 240mm travel, promises utmost safety and comfort on diverse terrains, while its unique chassis design safeguards against damage during falls.

The Ultra Bee includes a hidden space under the seat for accessories for convenience. The Surron Ultra Bee comes with a 220V charger and 110V USA adapter.

Lastly, the Surron 4th generation powertrain, specifically designed for the Ultra Bee, ensures no interference between high and low voltage components, combining a 74V55AH battery pack with a 12.5KW / 440N.m torque drivetrain. This makes the Ultra Bee a lightning-fast track or trail companion, ready to push your limits to the extreme.

The Surron Ultra Bee is not just an electric dirt bike; it's a symbol of innovation, performance, and unrivaled adventure, ready to take your off-road experiences to a whole new level.

This is the European street legal version. It is equipped with all equipment required to be street legal, including mirrors, brake lights, license plate holder/ light/ hi/low beams, speedo, and turn signals. Up to the buyer to determine street legality.



Motor Type Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)
Peak Power 12.5 kW
Peak Torque 440 Nm (325 ft-lbs)
Top Speed 90 km/h (56 mph)
Max Range 140 km @ 40 km/h (87 miles @ 25 mph), depending upon terrain
Battery Pack 74V/55Ah Lithium Ion
Charging Time 4 Hours (0-100%)


Riding Modes Sport, Daily, Eco, Reverse
Rider Aids Surron Traction Control System (SRTC), Surron Energy Regenerative System (SERS)
Reverse Gear Button-activated


Frame Forged aluminum alloy
Swingarm Forged aluminum alloy
Front Suspension 37 mm inverted fork, 240 mm (9.4") travel, fully adjustable
Rear Suspension Adjustable TR Intersect mono-shock, 240 mm wheel travel
Front Wheel 19" wire-spoked rim, 80/100-19 off-road tire
Rear Wheel 19" wire-spoked rim, 90/90-19 off-road tire
Front Brake 240 mm hydraulic disc
Rear Brake 240 mm hydraulic disc
Curb Weight 85 kg (187 lbs)
Max Load 100 kg (220 lbs)
Vehicle Dimensions 79.1 x 34.6 x 46.4" (2,010 x 880 x 1,178 mm)
Ground Clearance 318 mm (12.5")
Wheelbase 1,380 mm (54.3")
Seat Height 910 mm (35.8")


USB Connection Single USB-2.1A Outlet
Instrumentation LCD Digital Dash
Headlight LED

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