Onsra Velar Electric Skateboard

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Battery Capacity
1,036 watt hours / 20 ah
Max Load
220 kg / 485 lbs
Max Range
65 km / 40 miles
Max Speed
70 kmh / 43 mph
Motor Power
2 x 3500 watts 6384 150Kv
Tire Size
200mm AT
Water Resistance
IP 65
18.4 kg / 39.6 lbs

Product Information

Unparalleled Design & Performance

The ONSRA Velar stands at the forefront of electric skateboard innovation, merging impeccable design with extraordinary performance. Dive into the future of skateboarding, where every ride is an electrifying adventure.

Precision At Your Fingertips

Our groundbreaking NX controller is tailored to both novice riders and seasoned pros. Experience unparalleled precision and intuitive control, setting the benchmark for what's possible in motor controllers. Ride with confidence, command with ease.

Premium Battery for Extended Rides

The Velar is powered by the best-in-class Samsung 50S battery. This ensures a superior performance with an impressive range. Your rides are no longer confined by battery limitations; they are powered by the best.

Stability Meets Agility

Engineered with stable channel trucks, the Velar promises stability even at exhilarating speeds. Yet, its design doesn't compromise on agility. Whether you're zooming straight or carving around corners, this board ensures a ride so smooth it feels like you're gliding on air.  Elevate your ESK8 riding experience today with ONSRA.



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