Ninebot Go-Kart Pro Lamborghini Edition

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Product Information


Battery: 542 Watt Hours

Dimensions: 55.9 × 33.5 × 23.6 in

Max Load: 220 lbs/100 kg

Motor Power: 500 W × 2 Nominal/2400 W × 2 Peak

Range: 15.5 miles

Top Speed: 23 mph

Weight: 112.9 lbs/51.2 kg


Ever wanted an electric Lamborghini? Ever wanted to be a yellow streak on the track? Ever wanted to have fun?! The Ninebot Go-Kart Pro Lamborghini edition answers all those questions.

The Raging Bull Goes Electric!

The Lamborghini Edition is based on the pre-existing Ninebot Go-Kart, but with some serious upgrades. Going 25 mph now with a predicted range of about 15 miles (or 62 laps around a 400 meter track), this Go-Kart lives up to the Raging Bull Stylings! But it isn’t just powerful (for a go-kart) it’s also stylish, coming in the official Giallo Orion yellow and with Ice Lake Blue LEDs it also looks the part. Plus the internal Bluetooth speaker makes sure it sounds the part with actual engine sounds, (or your own music if you prefer).

Accessible Fun

Unlike most mini-electrics, the Lamborghini x Ninebot is for all ages. For safety, the 4 speed modes can be customised with a phone app, and the weight limit has been upgraded to 220 lbs so that the adults can have fun too! Being a go-kart the Lamborghini Edition Ninebot can’t go on roads, but it is capable of folding for easy car transport.

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