Begode Nikola AR+ 2700wh Electric Unicycle

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100 volt 2700 wh
Rim Size
Stock Charger
3 amps
Tire Size
16" x 3"
Top Speed
40 mph
65 lbs

Product Information

Custom Alien Rides Designs

The Nikola AR+ is a collaboration between Begode and Alien Rides, featuring an upgraded battery, more LEDS, and out-of-this-world style! Alien Rides is the exclusive dealer for this wheel in the United States.

Kitchen Sink of Features

Bright RGB LEDs, loud bluetooth speakers, an easy-to-use trolley handle and much more are all packed into the NIkola Plus. The 16’’ wheel is small enough to trolley wherever you need while the folding trolley handle makes getting there a breeze. 

One Tough Cookie

The Nikola is one of the most durable electric wheels out there. Unlike other wheels the Nikola Plus can handle rain and puddles being mostly water resistant. The sturdy chassis can take a beating and just keep going, making it great for beginners learning to ride.

Jack of All Trades

The Nikola plus was one of the early 40mph wheels, and it has maintained the performance to size ratio that made it exceptional on release. The high axle point makes carving easy and fun, while the 3 in. wheel keeps you stable. Its generous 2700 watt hour battery can get you a range of 50 miles or more with a single charge.

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