Michelin City Extra 2.75-17

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A great tire that will fit the Master Pro, this tire is replacing the Michelin City Pro in their lineup. 

No need to fear, the Michelin Man is here to deliver a durable and reliable ride with the Michelin City Extra Tires. Michelin's puncture resistant construction featured on the City Pro has been optimized for even more peace of mind on your everyday commute. The City Extra's tread pattern is designed to keep churning out the extra miles, and the Water Sipe Technology™ ensures the best grip in wet conditions. Feel free to take the long way on your next ride with the durable Michelin City Extra Tires. 


  • Excellent mileage
  • Reliable and reassuring handling and comfort
  • Michelin Adaptive Design™ for optimum traction and lean angle predicatability
  • Water Sipe Technology™ gradually increases sipe contact during cornering for better grip on wet surfaces
  • High Density Technology™ provides a thick layer backed by three reinforcing plies to enhance the tire's puncture resistance


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