King Song S22 Electric Unicycle

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2,220 watt hours
Max Speed
70 kmh
277mm*130mm Spiked Pedals
Rim Size
130 mm / 75mm Spring Travel
Tire Size
126 volts

Product Information

Refined Rough Riding

The King Song S22 succeeds the S18 as king of style and suspension. Using the same suspension arrangement and similar shell shape the KingSong design DNA continues, but the internals have been improved. The S22 doubles the S18’s battery size, packs an extra thousand watts in the motor, and brings a 20” wheel, a first for KingSong. Those aren’t the only firsts King Song is packing in the S20. Its the first KingSong wheel with a hollow motor and smart-BMS in the battery. And in a first for EUC’s everywhere, the motor is 126V. Even the things that have been inherited have been refined. The original shock system has been improved with larger shocks reaching a record setting 130mm travel.

All those upgrades and the suspension make the S22 Eagle soar over potholes and roots with ease. Equipped with adjustable headlights, integrated kickstand, built-in display, and adjustable power pads the S22 has some of the best quality of life features of any wheel out there.


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