Hyper Charger

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Output Current
0-15 AMP
Voltage input
110 Vac to 240 Vac
Voltage output
0-140 Vdc
1 year warranty

Product Information

Charge exactly what you want as fast as you want! 2,000 watts max from any 110-240 volt receptacle outlet. Small enough to fit in a coat pocket. Powerful enough to power a small town.  Can charge a 12 volt car or motorcycle battery or the all mighty Begode EX30 at 134.4 volts.  A fully adjustable charger that can output 5-140 volts at 0-15 amps. 

Includes a 4 foot Cable of your choice:  GX16-3, GX16-4, GX16-5, GX16-6, GX20-4.   Please leave a note in the order of what wheel or charge tip you need.   

Some are shipping with a Blue Protective cover material.  Still the same May 2023 New batch.

Please call us if you need any other connector type after making your order.  (415) 289-9676 

Recommended for advanced users. Because of the power of this charger and the ability to set voltages to 140vdc, take great care in use to avoid dangerous electrical harm.  Click here for an in-depth instruction manual.  Click here for a quick video

Please purchase a set of our Hyper Charger Bumpers.  We are not responsible for damage to your charger.  If you're on the go, these are necessary.

Because of the automatic 120/240AC input voltage switching, no fears of accidentally nuking your charger when at a the EV charging station with our Alien Rides EV Adaptor.

Size- 10"x5"x1.75" (11" with the cable and adjustment knobs)

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