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Product Information


Battery: 1500Wh/84V

Charger: 84V/1.5A

Dimensions: 22.44 inches (H) x 16.54 inches (L) x 16.14 inches (W)

Max Load: 220.46 lbs

Motor Power: 2000W

Motor Type: Hollow

Net Weight: 48.50 lbs

Tire Size: 16" x 2.125"


Newest in a Respected Pedigree

While the V3 retains the same sleek design as its predecessor, the V3 updates the well-respected Tesla line with a bigger battery, better motor, and a few quality of life improvements. 

The Ultimate Commuter

The Tesla V3 punches well above its weight, or size in this case. It’s 1500 wh battery is on the smaller side of performance wheels but the lessened weight makes it much more portable. The battery may be small but the motor is certainly no slouch. Packing a 2000 watt hollow motor the V3 can reach a no-load speed of about 40 mph and climb hills with no trouble. All in all it's a great vehicle for commuting to work or short jaunts in the city.

Packed with features

With bluetooth speakers, collapsing trolley handle, lift sensors and more, the Tesla V3 packs loads of features into a pint-sized package. Given its sleek frame and sturdy trolley handle, the V3 is the perfect wheel to bring anywhere, on a train, to the movies, or under a restaurant seat.

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