Gotway Begode MCM5 V2 Electric Unicycle - 6 Month Warranty

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460Wh NCR18650 GA
84 Volts / 1.5 Amps / GX16-4
Cruising Speed
25+ mph / 40+ kmh
20.67 inches (H) x 16.14 inches (L) x 16.14 inches (W)
Front Headlight, RGB Accent Strip
Max Load
220.46 lbs
Motor Power
C35 1,500 Watts
Net Weight
37.47 lbs
Tire Size
14" x 2.5"

Product Information

The Compact Cruiser

The MCM5 v2 is the next step up in size and power from the Mten3. It boasts almost twice the battery and motor with only a few more inches, square-cube law be damned! With the increased power and range the MCM5 is great for cruising about, but the 14" tire is small enough to bring anywhere. Throw it in your car, locker, or under your desk. For portability and power the MCM5 is only seconded by the Mten3. 

Torque Monster

The small diameter of this wheel has a massive mechanical advantage over bigger wheels, creating an abundance of torque, and the ability for one of the smallest wheels to conquer the steepest of hills.

This model does not have speakers included.

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