Begode Extreme Suspension Pillar

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Product Information

Compatible only with Begode Extreme electric unicycles. There are two versions available:

  • Version 1 (V1): Features 12.5mm tall bushings.
  • Version 2 (V2): Upgraded in early 2024 with 20mm tall bushings.

Key differences:

  • V2 has 20mm tall bushings and is stronger if you do lots of impacts- jumping/stairs
  • V1 has 12.5mm tall bushings.  Only select this if you don't want to swap out bushings for the new style. (you have to purchase (4) new taller bushings).

Additional details:

  • The right side features cut-outs for motor cable.
  • Left side does not have cut-outs for motor cable.

Please ensure you select the correct version when placing your order. If upgrading to the new Version 2, remember to add (4) 20mm tall bushings to your order. You can purchase these bushings here.

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