Extreme Bull Commander Torque

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Product Information


Battery: 3,600 Watt Hours

Battery Cells: LG M50T 21700

Charger: 100V 3A

Max Load: 300 Lbs

Motor Power: 3000 watts

Range: 150 Advertised / 75 Fast Riding

Top Speed: 50 MPH (At 100% Battery)

Weight: 80 Lbs

Wheel Diameter: 20"


This is the Commander Torque version with a lower top speed, but higher amount of torque. It's suitable for extreme hilly conditions and off-roading.

The Extreme Bull commander is coming soon! We are frequently receiving smaller quantities of this wheel now and our entire shipment should be here in late 2021.


Feature Focused

Extreme Bull is Begode’s sister company and brings several awesome features to the Commander. On the front a pair of bright lights illuminates your rides and on the back the speakers pump out loud music. Both the front and back have cutouts for easy lifting. And the power button is shrouded in those cut outs making accidental shut offs a thing of the past.

Peak Performance

Extreme Bull has kept its motif of extreme fun with the Commander! The Commander comes with either a torque or a speed motor type, but both are top of the line wheels. The torque version tackles hills with ease and gets more mileage out of the 3600 wh battery, but the speed version has a higher top speed. For offroading daredevils the torque is a dream, but the speed type is the best for street riding. Either way the Commander reaches 40 mph and has at least 50 miles of real world fast riding range.

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