Commander GT Pro Electric Unicycle

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Battery Capacity
3,000 watt hours
Battery Voltage
168 volts
168V 5A
48 Mosfets 1200A
No Load Speed
200 kmh / 124 mph
Rim Size
80mm of travel
Tire Size

Product Information

Introducing the Commander GT Pro, the fastest electric unicycle ever. This EUC is equipped with an unprecedented 168-volt battery, offering you unparalleled power and speed in your daily commutes or adventurous rides. Experience the thrill of the fastest electric unicycle on the market with a breathtaking no-load speed of 200 km/h.

Charging is equally impressive. A 5 amp charger comes standard, ensuring your downtime is minimized with fast charging capabilities.

Controller 48x HY G100N20 FETs 132A x 8 = 1056A max peak current 

Battery- Samsung 50S cells (5000mah, 25a discharge!)

Motor - 4000KW nominal power output  

Weight - 47kg/103.6lbs

Pedal Height - Three different pedal positions you can change to: 250mm, 240mm or 230mm. 

Tire: 100/90-14 Maxxis tire


Stay tuned, as we're gearing up to reveal even more extraordinary features of the Commander GT Pro.

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