Begode T4 Electric Unicycle

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Battery Capacity
1,800 watt hours
100.8 volts 5 amps
6,000 Lumen Headlight
Motor Power
2,500 Watts
5.9" - 9" / 150mm - 230mm Height
Rim Size
3.9" / 100mm travel
Tire Size

Product Information

Proven Suspension Design

Built off the new standard Begode frame, the T4 leverages a proven suspension design that feels great on road and off-road conditions.

T4 Also come with shock dampening cushion already installed. Please deflate the suspension before taking off the cushions

Max PSI: 400 PSI. For more than 300 PSI you will need a third-party pump as stock pump will only goes up to 300 PSI

100 LBS - 110 PSI 132 LBS - 142 PSI 154 LBS - 170 PSI
176 LBS - 190 PSI 198 LBS - 210 PSI 220 LBS - 230 PSI

Conquers off-road conditions

Being a suspension wheel with a high torque motor, this wheel conquers off-road and bumpy conditions. It uses a similar frame as the much larger Begode Master, while being around 20% lighter. The new T4 now comes with a knobby tire and the same CNC pedals used on the Mten4.

Plenty to grow into

A perfect mid-size EUC that's great for beginners and experienced riders alike. With suspension, high speeds and long range the T4 has something to offer to everyone.

The Latest and greatest T4

-The new batch of T4's that just arrived have the following upgrades/changes: 

- Updated more powerful Motherboard (18 mosfets, previously 12) 

- Knobby dual sport tire (Very similar to the shinko 244) 

- QS Motor (This is a new, well known motor company that will eliminate the possible stator issues found in V1)

- Mten4 honeycomb pedals 

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