Begode HERO High Torque - 1 Year Warranty

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1800 watt hours
2800 Watts
Rim Size
Tire Size

Product Information

The Begode HERO is the ultimate off-road vehicle. Packed with suspension, a 2800 watt motor and 1800 watt hours of battery, this wheel can conquer the toughest of off-road conditions.

Our HERO units ship with the upgraded CNC honeycomb pedals, these are stronger than the default cast pedals, offering the strength necessary for off-road use.

The Return of Suspension in Begode

The Hero is the second Begode wheel with suspension, succeeding the EX. This time the Hero saves the day with a whole series of quality of life improvements on top of the new suspension system. The Hero is water resistant and includes a built-in display for voltage and other internal statistics. But the Hero doesn’t skimp in power, it can even climb up stairs using the same 2800 watt motor as the EX-N torque.

Recommend PSI: Max 450 PSI

100 LBS - 250 PSI 132 LBS - 280 PSI 154 LBS - 300 PSI
176 LBS - 330 PSI 198 LBS - 350 PSI 220 LBS - 370 PSI

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