Begode EX20S Torque (C38) Electric Unicycle - 6 Month Warranty

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Battery Capacity
3,600 watt hours
Motor Power
3,000 watts
No Load Speed
88 kmh / 54 mph
Rim Size
80 mm / 3.15 in of travel
Tire Size
100.8 volts
47 kg / 104 lbs

Product Information

Longest Ranged Suspension Wheel

The EX20S is the much anticipated sequel to Begode’s first suspension electric unicycle, the EX. The EX20S packs a whopping 3,600 watt hour battery that will let you ride on or off the roads for 40+ miles. But Begode wasn’t satisfied with a big battery; they also equipped the EX20S with a refined suspension design that tackles rough terrain with ease.

Recommend PSI: Max 450 PSI

100 LBS - 250 PSI 132 LBS - 280 PSI 154 LBS - 300 PSI
176 LBS - 330 PSI 198 LBS - 350 PSI 220 LBS - 370 PSI

Luxurious Power

The EX20S continues Begode’s pursuit of quality by maintaining important features like a trolley handle, lift sensor, and adjustable power pads.

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