Alien Care Plus Subscription - Full PEV Crash Coverage

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Product Information

Alien Care Plus keeps you rolling no matter the problem.

Includes the following:

Free consumables including:

  • Inner tubes
  • Tires
  • Brake pads
  • Brake rotors
  • Bearings
  • Suspension Shocks

Free tire sealant installed with applicable PEV purchase

    Discounted prices on non-OEM parts.

    50% Discount on labor rates at any of our official Alien Rides repair facilities.

    Full Crash Coverage. Alien Care Plus provides the comprehensive crash coverage you need to keep riding. Under this plan, we will provide all necessary parts. Any broken or damaged parts that affect the rideability of your PEV will be replaced. A $50 deductible for parts not included in the list above applies for each incident claim. Small scratches or blemishes are not covered.

    Qualified PEVs for this plan:

    • VSETT 9+
    • Begode MCM5

    May only be purchased alongside a PEV (bike, unicycle or scooter).

    Read the full Alien Care terms & conditions.

    Why choose Alien Rides?

    • ➔ Free Alien Rides sticker with every vehicle purchase.
    • ➔ We are able to ship PEVs and parts internationally to keep you rolling.
    • ➔ Our unique rides have competitve pricing, great value, and providing amazing fun.