Micro Extended Battery - 72 Volt

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Product Information

You asked and we delivered. A smaller 7ah extended battery pack for your scooter or modified Surron. Weigh in at half the weight and nearly half the size of our 20ah.   

Made to order. Please let us know what the harness length and application are! Comes with an XT90 antispark and 25 Amp fuse.

Vsett 9+ instructions (not yet made, but follow the 10+)
Vsett 10+ instructions
Vsett 11+ Instructions (Follow the youtube video) and follow the below text instructions

Vsett 11 Range Extender Harness Instructions:

If there isn't a specific YouTube video available, you can follow the Alien Works YouTube channel, where there's an instructional video for the Vsett 10.

  1. Open the deck and carefully remove excess silicone around where the communication wire and front motor wire enter the deck. Place the wires for the range extender harness on top of the other wires you've carved out the silicone from.

  2. There are two sets of male/female XT90 battery connectors (the large ones, not the charge port connectors). Disconnect one set and connect our harness's male/female connectors to the female/male connectors of the battery/controller junction.

  3. Install the harness we include to the middle of the wires you just disconnected, ensure that the male brass tips intended for your extended battery pack do not touch any metal, as this could cause a short circuit. We recommend temporarily covering them with tape until the battery packs are connected.

  4. Warning: Both battery packs MUST be within 1 volt of each other when connecting the harness to the extended battery.   Government regulations require us to ship your battery at 50% capacity. Before starting, fully charge your scooter battery to 100%.

We include a small adapter so you can charge your extended battery to 100%.

Do not plug in both batteries unless they are at the same charge percentage (100%).

1 Year Warranty on all custom batteries

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