GotWay Begode EX

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Product Information


Battery: 2700wh/100V

Charger: 100V/3A

Dimensions: 24.22 inches (H), 20.08 inches (L), 18.11 inches (W)

Max Load: 286.60 lbs

Motor Power: 3500W

Motor Type: Hollow motor

Net Weight: 83.77 lbs

No Load Speed: 53 mph/86 kmh


Smooth Jaunts

Behold! Begode's first electric wheel with suspension! The internal shocks make molehills out of mountains. Whether its speed bumps, potholes, or roots the EX rolls right over them all the while keeping your ice cream top side. Never worry about that Swiss cheese asphalt or, where there’s a rider’s will, there’s a wheel’s way on the EX!


One Comfy Cruiser

With its 3.5 kW hollow motor the EX can reach an unloaded speed of 53 mph making it the most powerful wheel with suspension to date. The 2700 wh battery provides a range only seconded by the aptly named Monster Pro. Between the cushioning suspension, long range battery, and powerful motor the EX is well above average in its capabilities. Far-reaching rides, rough roads, and rapid routes are never an issue with the EX. All together the EX is an excellent choice of cruiser for any enthusiast.


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