Inmotion V14 Adventure Electric Unicycle

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Battery Capacity
2,400 watt hours
Max Range
75 miles / 120 km
Max Speed
43 mph / 70 kmh
Motor Power
4,000 watts nominal / 9,000 watts peak
Rim Size
Industry First Progressive Shock
Tire Size
Water Resistance
IPX6 / IPX7 Battery
86 lbs / 39 kg

Product Information

Black pre-order Deposit of $1000, $2299 due when units arrive, for a total payment of $3299.

This is the latest batch featuring properly shimmed suspension. (Due to binding, Early V1 shipments from Inmotion required small suspension spacers.)

New Samsung 50s battery cells are now available (Black V14). They can handle three times the 50e/50gb's cell current (Orange V14's) . For most riders, the difference may not be noticeable. However, the 50s allow you to maintain higher speeds from 40% battery life to depletion.

Adventure For Miles 

The 2,400 watt-hour 134 volt battery offers plenty of power for your rides, allowing for hours of discovery and exploration. With a maximum range of 75 miles, the V14 Adventure is designed to meet both urban commutes and countryside adventures. Navigate through city streets or enjoy a leisurely ride on the roads, with fewer worries about charging and more focus on the journey.  134v system (same as Begode's 32 series )

A Powerhouse

Experience a comfortable pace with the ability to reach up to 43 mph under ideal conditions. The robust 4,000 watts nominal motor ensures a smooth ride, providing more than adequate power when needed. Our Inmotion V14 comes with Samsung 50E cells, these cells have plenty of range and power for this machine.

Ride Comfortably

Experience less of the road and more of the pleasure with the industry’s first Progressive Shock suspension. Paired with a nimble 16" tire, ride comfortably and in control on any terrain.

Built for Everyday Conditions

Tackle various environments with the V14's IPX6 water resistance rating. Its IPX7-rated battery offers added peace of mind during unexpected weather changes.

Structured for Everyday Use

Weighing in at 86 lbs, the V14 Adventure is a balance of sturdiness and manageability. It's designed to be durable for those adventurous moments, yet practical for daily use.

The Inmotion V14 Adventure Electric Unicycle

Tailored for those who value consistency, reliability, and the joy of discovery. Whether you're navigating the daily commute or setting out for a weekend escape, the V14 is here to accompany you on your journey. Rediscover your world, one ride at a time.


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