Begode NEW RS Resolute

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Product Information


Battery: 1,020wh/116.8V

Charger: 116.8V/5A

Headlight: 5,000 lumens

Motor Power: 3,000 watts

Motor Type: Torque C38

No Load Speed: 88kmh / 55mph

Range: 50-80KM (70kg rider)

Rim Size: 14"

Tire Size: 18" x 3"

Weight: 28 kg / 62 lbs


The Begode Resolute combines the proven RS shell and internals with the world's safest battery. After more than two years of research and development, Begode has made a breakthrough in electric unicycle battery technology. For traditional batteries there is risk of fire if the cells are damaged, punctured or if thermal runaway occurs. For the groundbreaking Resolute batteries, dangerous fires and explosions are avoided. The RS Resolute will NOT use traditional lithium ion cells, instead opting to use LiFePo4 cells.

Speed AND Torque!

The RS Resolute sports a torque motor running at a whopping 116 volts, an upgrade from its original form. The higher voltage means that the RS provides both torque and power. You will be unable to cut this wheel out at low speeds while still having high the speed pull Begode is known for.

High Performance and Great Safety

The RS Resolute prioritizes performance and safety in its design, therefore it sacrifices a few features of classic wheel design. For example, there's no speakers, led lighting, or integrated display. However the necessary features, like a lift sensor and trolley handle do remain.

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