Begode Master Pre-order Deposit (Third Batch Retail Price)

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Product Information


Battery Capacity: 2,400 watt hours

Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion

Charger: 134.4V/3A

Mosfets: 24 High Performance Fets

Motor Power: 3,500 watts

Motor Type: C38 Torque

No Load Speed: 112 kmh / 70 mph

Rim Size: 14"

Suspension: Adjustable Dampening and Air Spring

Suspension Travel: 80 mm / 3.15 in Adjustable Damping

Tire Size: 2.75-14 (20")

Volts: 134.4 volts

Weight: 36 kg / 79 lbs


This is for a pre-order deposit on the Begode Master. The remaining balance will be due when the wheels arrive at our warehouse.

Retail prices: 

  • Master 50E: $3,149
  • Master Molicel: $3,500

The master will come in black, and other shell colors will be available for purchase for an additional cost.

We will charge a 3.5% transaction fee for cancellation of pre-order items, this is due to credit card companies charging us instantly and not refunding for cancellations.

You are allow to change your pre-order item once before we will charge a 3.5% transaction fee.

Limit Breaking Voltage

Ever breaking limits, Begode has made the most powerful EUC in the world! The Master packs an incredible 134 volts in a high torque motor design that reaches a record 60 miles per hour or over 100 kilometers per hour.

Refined Suspension

The Begode Master is Begode's answer to the S20 with similar specs and performance. With a beefy 20" tire and 80mm of suspension travel the Begode Master can glide over the roughest of terrain.

Recommend PSI: Max 450 PSI

100 LBS - 250 PSI 132 LBS - 280 PSI 154 LBS - 300 PSI
176 LBS - 330 PSI 198 LBS - 350 PSI 220 LBS - 370 PSI


Choose your Battery

We are currently offering two different battery types for for the performance that you want with piece of mind.

Begode Samsung 50E - Long Range at a lower price

This is the newer improved batteries, built by Begode. They have been refined for several years now and proved over millions of miles. They are solid batteries and available at a lower price.


Begode Molicel P42a - Lower range, but able to maintain higher speed at low voltage

The Molicel P42a cells are regarded as the best performance cell. Offering higher discharge, battery sag is a thing of the past. The tradeoff here is much higher discharge, at a higher price and lower battery capacity. 

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