Begode ET Max Electric Unicycle

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Battery Capacity
3,000 watt hours
Battery Voltage
168 volts
True smart BMS
Motor Power
4,500 watts Tile High Torque Motor
No Load Speed
180 km/h
Coil Spring 130mm of travel

Product Information

A Refined Ride Experience

Experience the thrill of speed like never before with the Begode ET MAX Electric Unicycle. Designed by the innovative Begode team, this unicycle combines years of scientific research and advanced technology to deliver unparalleled performance.

Feel the rush of power with its 168V high-voltage system, paired with a massive 3000Wh battery, ensuring effortless acceleration and sustained high speeds. Whether you're racing or just cruising, the ET MAX offers an exhilarating ride every time.

New Coil Spring and updated linkage.

The Best Motor Yet

At its core, the ET MAX features a new cutting-edge motor, the Tile motor. This innovation significantly boosts torque, allowing you to tackle challenging terrains with ease.

The ET MAX's motherboard is a marvel of engineering, equipped with 48 MOSFETs and the latest tenth-generation main control MCU. This upgrade enhances overall performance, ensuring a seamless and responsive riding experience.

The unicycle features specialized firmware, optimized for both racing and off-road adventures. The Off-Road mode delivers higher torque for superior climbing and jumping capabilities, while the Racing mode offers increased speed and customizable maximum speed settings.

Comfort and Safety

Ride in comfort and control, thanks to the greatly enhanced Begode shock absorber. With a larger 150mm spring, reinforced piston shaft, and rod, and adjustable bi-directional damping, you're assured a smooth, responsive ride whether you're racing, jumping, or exploring off-road trails.

Safety is paramount with the ET MAX. It includes advanced features like linear adjustment of tilt-angle shutdown protection, motor blockage protection, and stable firmware upgrades, ensuring a reliable ride that exceeds your expectations.


The ET Max utilizes the Samsung 50s heavyweight high-current battery cells.  

Every PEV purchase includes a standard charger in the box. We also have fast chargers available for purchase.

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