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72V 40Ah
Max Load
330.5 lbs.
Max Range
48 Miles
Max Speed
68 mph
Motor Power
2x 4000 watts
C-shaped suspension
Tire Size
11" x 3.5"
Water Resistance
IPX6 (body) - IPX7 (battery)
110 lbs.

Product Information

This is for a pre-order of the Inmotion RS. The current expected delivery date is September.

A Customizable Beast

Introducing the INMOTION RS, an e-scooter inspired by SUV engineering that marries ultra-high performance with innovative design. INMOTION brings us the world's first transforming scooter with exceptional customization. This allows the RS to effortlessly transition between the nimbleness of a sports car and the ruggedness of an off-road vehicle. The deck height can be adjusted through four settings ranging from 183mm to 303mm. The RS is equipped with dual 2000W motors and has an impressive peak output of 8400W.

Safety Like No Other

INMOTION has revolutionized safety measures in this vehicle. The RS features IPX6 body waterproofing technology and IPX7 Battery waterproofing so you can ride confidently rain or shine. It also has dual 16cm full-hydraulic disc brakes and an enhanced regenerative braking system in both the front and rear wheels, allowing for fast, reliable breaking even at high speeds. For those seeking the perfect blend of power, adaptability, and safety in one e-scooter, the INMOTION RS stands unparalleled, promising a ride experience like no other.

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