AR Moto X Electric Motorcycle

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72V 60Ah
84V 15A
82 x 32 x 48 in
Max Range
49 Miles
Max Speed
Motor Power
Nominal: 3Kw / Peak: 16Kw
Water Resistance

Product Information


After a year-long R&D process, we are proud to release the AR Moto X, our first true electric motorcycle! Featuring cutting-edge technology and an exhilarating design, the AR Moto X is the perfect dirt bike for eco-friendly riders and performance jockeys alike!


Tackle steep trails with a flick of the throttle! Unlike traditional motorcycles, the AR Moto X’s electric system grants near-instant torque. Powered by a high-performance DC Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, this motorbike offers a maximum speed of 70mph and a smooth ride with its four-speed gearbox. With a seat height of 36.75 inches, the AR Moto X is good for riders of many heights!


When designing the Moto X we wanted a vehicle that could outlast its rider. Featuring a 72V battery with a capacity of 60Ah, the Moto X has 49 miles of range, and once you're out of range the battery can charge from empty to full in just 4 hours! We also wanted a battery that was easy to use so each Moto X battery is built with an ANT Smart Battery Management System (BMS). With the ANT Smart BMS, users can connect via Bluetooth and monitor or manage their battery performance using the iOS and Android app.


While the Moto X features a trail climber style, we wanted it to be usable on the streets of your city*; therefore, it comes with road safety features such as LED headlights, turn signals, a digital speedometer, and a robust hydraulic braking system. You can tear it up on your daily commute with optional street tires.

*While it is compliant with most U.S. D.O.T. regulations, you will need to check your local rules and register it after purchase

Weight Limit: The weight limit for our dirtbike is incredibly versatile—whatever you can throw at it. Similar to other major brands, riders exceeding 250 lbs might consider upgrading suspension components. Larger springs and a possible revalve can be installed at a suspension shop. Our woods riding tester, weighing 245 lbs, found no need for modifications. The suspension was initially designed with an average rider weight of 185 lbs in mind.

Included Features: The bike has essential features, including working turn signals, a horn, brake lights, running lights, and a plate light. Please note that it does not include mirrors or DOT tires. In many states, DOT tire and mirror checks are not mandatory. Mirrors can be purchased separately. We are currently applying for a California DMV Resale license and EPA and CARB/ARB compliance.  AR Moto X is sold as off-road competition use only.

Custom Graphics: Customers can personalize their bikes with custom graphics featuring their name and racing number. For custom graphics, please get in touch with Dirt Digits at 805.579.1111.

Upcoming Street Tires and Rims: Street tires and rims are expected to arrive late December, providing additional options for riders.

Street Tire Off-road tire
Front Rim Size 17 x 2.5 21 x 1.60
Front Tire Size 100/70 - 17 80/100 - 21
Rear Rim Size 17 x 3.5 18 x 2.15
Rear Tire Size 140/60 - 17 110/90 - 18

Every PEV purchase includes a standard charger in the box. We also have fast chargers available for purchase.

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