Scooter or E-bike Range Extender - 48 Volt

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Product Information


Battery Cells: Samsung 50E

BMS: 40 amp

Capacity: 20-25 amp hours

Voltage: 60 volts

Weight: 12 lbs


Upgrade your 48 volt vehicle with a range extender. This 25 amp hour, 1,500 watt hour pack will add a lot more mileage and less battery sag to your ride. Includes a display that shows you voltage and percentage.

Compatible with most 48 volt scooters, though custom work and soldering may be required for the install. We will install this pack on any of our scooters for free if you purchase through Alien Rides.

Known to be compatible with:

  • Vsett 9+

Our 25 amp hour range extender is built in a 13s5p configuration.
Our 20 amp hour range extender is built in a 13s4p configuration.

Both versions are made with Samsung 50E cells and a 40amp BMS.

Batteries are built to order and generally ship out in 3-6 weeks due to heavy demand. Feel free to contact us for update


Cancellation fee will be apply for transaction per Shopify processing fee


PLEASTE NOTE: You will need to purchase our harness if you're getting the battery ONLY. Harness will be provide if you bought the battery with the scooter 


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