115V (134.4V Max) Adjustable 8 Amp Fast Charger for Begode Electric Unicycles

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Product Information

This charger is great for charging up quickly, with adjustable dials for 80%/90%/100% charge levels as well as 2/4/6/8 amp charging options.
The LCD screen will show the current amperage draw and the voltage of your ride as it charges. Add in the ability to swap between 110V-220V for use at EV chargers (With a J1772 adapter) and you've got the perfect charger to keep your ride juiced up.  

  • 220v input switch for charging at EV stations.
  • Adjustable amps, 2a, 4a, 6a, 8a
  • Mounts to walls
  • GX20-4 Plug
  • Adjustable SOC (state of charge) endpoints to extend battery lifecycles
  • Works with Master, Master Pro, Commander Pro, Commander Mini, Extreme, Ibex, EX30

For optimum pack health, we recommend using the lowest amperage setting once every 20 charges and charging overnight so the BMS can top off each cell group inside your battery pack.  This is due to BMS top balancing occurring only at the last 95-100% of pack voltage.   



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