72V (84V Max) Adjustable Fast Charger

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Product Information

This charger is great for charging up quickly, with adjustable dials for 80%/90%/100% charge levels as well as 2/4/6/8/10 amp charging options. The LCD screen will show the current amperage draw and the voltage of your ride as it charges. Add in the ability to swap between 110V-220V for use at EV chargers (With a J1772 adapter) and you've got the perfect charger to keep your ride juiced up. 

This charger comes with a GX16-3 tip, which is usable with the current 72V Dualtrons (Ultra 2, Storm etc), Wolf King, Bronco, Nami Viper and more! 

If you are unsure of the proper charging tip or need a custom one (will cost extra for labor), reach out to our team and ask. 


We are not liable for blowing a fuse or melted connectors downstream (inside) of you scooter.
Please check your PEV for fuse before purchasing to verify it can handle the current this charger provides.

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