GotWay Begode Monster Pro - 1 Year Warranty

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Product Information


Battery: 3600wh/100V

Charger: 100V/3A

Dimensions: 26.77 inches (H) x 24.02 inches (L) x 19.69 inches (W)

Max Load: 286.60 lbs

Motor Power: 3500W

Motor Type: Hollow motor

Net Weight: 88.18 lbs

No Load Speed: 65.87 mph

Tire Size: 24" x 3"



The King of Range

The Monster Pro boasts the biggest battery of any electric unicycle to date. With a 3,600 watt hour battery you’ll never be feeling range anxiety on this wheel. Note: the version we currently have available ships with no battery, so you will have to supply your own batteries.


High Speed Stability

While not boasting the fastest acceleration this aptly named ‘Monster’ tears up asphalt without throwing you off. The 3.5 kW motor will send you soaring down roads at speeds of 40 mph or more while the biggest wheel in unicycles keeps the rider glued to the road. No other speedster has been able to maintain speed and stability like the Monster. With our testing, we’ve gotten the Monster Pro up to 53 mph.

 No battery includes a complete assembly Monster Pro with no battery (battery harness is inside)Charger included.    You must use MT-60 Batteries and you may have to pull your original wiring harness out of your original Monster pro since not all monster pro battery packs used all the same connectors.   
Please send picture of your battery type to 415.320.1495 and we will double check this will work without us having to make you a custom harness.    

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