Custom Batteries for Electric Scooters, Unicycles & more

Alien Rides provides battery replacements and range extenders. Our batteries use high-quality Grade A cells, components, and manufacturing techniques. We utilize pure copper welding with 0.2-0.5mm copper which is four times as conductive as nickel in most of our builds. This low resistance enables your packs to run cooler and push more amps. Smart BMS systems are installed in replacement packs, enabling you to check on your pack and tune it from your phone via Bluetooth. We CNC or hand-cut all of our copper or nickel.

We offer a live consultation via video conference where we can 3D model your custom pack to fit your space requirements. We have built packs for Scooters, Unicycles, E-Bikes, Mopeds, Drones, Helicopters, Boats, Paragliders, Motorcycles, and much more.

All of our custom batteries have a 12 month warranty.  (Smart BMS's inside our batteries tend to last 3-7 years of normal use due to the automatic balancing when the battery reaches above 4 volts a cell (80 percent state of charge).