RION Apex Preorder Deposit

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Battery Capacity
Battery Cells
Molicel P42A 21700
Battery Voltage
100.8 volts peak
Dual Magura MT7 HC3
Dual Tronic 250R
CNC'd Aluminum
Max Range
40-50 miles
Max Speed
70 mph
Dual Ventilated RION Motors

Product Information

This is a preorder deposit of $100. The remaining balance will be due when the Apex arrives and is anticipated to be $8,399.


Presenting the newest hyperscooter from RION, the Apex, a speed demon of aluminum and carbon fiber.

In partnership with RION, we have built a new facility to produce the Apex from the ground up. We have worked hard to source industrial grade machines to bring the Apex to life and deliver them on time. The RION Apex will be fully built in the United States.

We are offering a limited number of Apex reservations for the first batch, and will disable ordering once the first batch fills up. Our current production plans will have this batch of Apex scooters ready within the next six months. Estimated delivery date is January, 2023.


The Apex features two high power motors that bring this beast to a blazing 70 mph while it’s custom 100.8V 30ah lithium battery keeps the entire beast fueled for 40 to 50 miles of high power riding. Furthermore the battery features 21700 Molicel P42a high-capacity cells with RION’s signature copper welding approach.


Equipped with innovative Tronic 250R VESC controllers the Apex features a gentle acceleration curve without sacrificing its responsiveness or top end speed. Riders will be able to control that speed with ease as all Apex scooters feature the high-quality RION Curve CNC'd aluminum throttle. The Curve throttle is mounted to the rigid carbon fiber handlebar and stem further reducing speed-induced vibrations. RION has kept their favorite tires for this scooter, Italian made PMT's. These grippy racing slicks provide tons of traction during acceleration and turning.


RION maintains their unique and sleek deck profile but have slimmed it down for an even sleeker build on the Apex. The Apex is the first RION with a structural rear footrest that you can stand on making for a very comfortable ride. The carbon fiber handlebars and high quality handlebar grips complete the riding experience.


Through the Tronic app you will be able to monitor all telemetry from the Apex controllers, as well as configure ride settings such as acceleration power, top speed and throttle curve. 

Stay tuned for more information about the Tronic app.

For Private Use Only

Depending on jurisdiction, the RION Apex may not be street legal where you are. RION Motors and Alien Rides are not responsible for improper or illegal use of this product.

Every PEV purchase includes a standard charger in the box. We also have fast chargers available for purchase.

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