Polyolefin Rubber Heat Shrink Thick Battery Wrap

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Product Information

This is NOT the thin PVC shrink wrap you see on generic batteries. This is the thickest, toughest battery wrap and protection for your battery builds. Measuring 10 times the thickness of the traditional PVC shrink, it allows you to protect your new battery build.  Lined with heat-activated glue, this allows for a watertight seal and further protection against vibration (Larger diameters above 200mm do not have the adhesive inside).

It costs 10 times the cost of thinner PVC for this reason.  Many Surron packs are built with this material.  It takes a very hot heat gun to shrink down to 40% of its size. Measured as flat. Please use a string to wrap your pack and fold the string in half.  Then measure the half-length. Add 10 percent and this is the size you need to order.

For example. If you have a pack that is 190mm in circumference (string wrapped around 360 degrees), fold the string in half and you will have 95mm. If you order our 100mm wide this will most likely fit your pack perfectly. No returns on cut products so make sure you order correctly.

Another way to find the size you need, please follow these steps

  1. Measure the width
  2. Measure the height
  3. Add the width and height together to get a no-margin flat width
  4. Add 25mm to get a margin
  5. This is your minimum size

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