King Song S18

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1,100 wh (60x LG 21700 cells)
2.5 a/84.2 v
21.9x20.9x7.9 inches
Estimated Range
30 miles
Max Cruising Speed
30 mph
Max Load
~300 lbs.
2200 w
Tire Size
18" x 3"
48.5 lbs.

Product Information

Tackling Tough Trails Stylized 

No other wheel handles trails like the S18, and few look as good as the S18 while doing it. Simply, the unique suspension design and large tire make roots bumps and dips disappear. It’s also quite water resistant as we hosed it down in our review. The 2200 watt motor can get the S18 up to roughly 30 miles per hour, and the 1100 wh battery has around 30 miles of expected range (depending on riding style and road condition).

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