Alien Rides Electric Unicycle Power Pads

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Product Information

Alien-Approved Power Pads

Alien Rides is proud to announce the release of our very own custom power pads. Power pads aid in accelerating or braking on an electric unicycle, and every EUC rider needs a set. We've tested a variety of pad styles and designed these with our favorite ergonomics and aesthetics, so they feel great and look awesome!

Choose Your Color!

We have multiple colors to choose from. Have a wheel that's black and stealthy, or be a rainbow if you'd like, it's up to you!

A Note On Firmness

Alien Rides pads come in three different firmness settings depending on rider preference. For most riders, we recommend the "Medium" firmness pads. For riders that are 250 lbs or more, we recommend the "Firm" pads. Soft pads may be better for less aggressive riders or for those who want a bit more give.

All-in-One Ride Style

We've designed our pads with every rider in mind. You can lock in for jumping and tricking or you can keep them loose for casual riding. 

Extra Strength Mounting

Comes with enough velcro to cover any wheel on the market. Great for finding your perfect set up then staying just where you like it. 

2 front and 2 rear pads included with purchase.

Extra Velcro available to purchase here

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