Shinko 241 Off Road Hybrid Tire 'GOLDEN BOY'

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Product Information

2.75-19 is for Surron Electric Motorcycles on Stock tires
3.00-12 is for Begode Extreme Electric unicycles ( you may have rubbing on the stock pads, but not the internals.  You can lift the wheel and let it "burn out" on the side of a curb for 30 seconds a side, or just trim the rear of the stock pads 1/4" - Super easy as well.

The 3.00-12 will also fit other wheels such as the Veteran Patton and Commander Mini. 

The 241 is a very unique tread and compound.  Originally designed for trials riders on motorcycles, in the past decade, it has been used on street bikes, motocross bikes, woods riders.  It may not wear like the Shinko 244, but has grip both on and off the road like no other.

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