Battery Connectors and Charge Tips

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Product Information

We got tired of ordering battery connectors from other vendors for our special projects so we bought directly from the source.  All of our connectors are genuine Amass quality.  None of the sloppy loose fitting china clones.  

Once soldered up, there are plastic guards that clip on each connector giving you a neatly wired plug and helps prevent short circuits.  The design also provides no chance of incorrect polarity connection due to the square negative and circular positive

For XT90, QS8 and QS10 gives constant charging of the capacitors on ESC and allows the battery to be connected without Sраrкs on your ESC when you first plug in.-The design also provides no chance of incorrect polarity connection. 

See Chart Below for current capabilities 

Work in progress .. Sorry :)  
XT Connectors QS Barrel Aviation XLR
XT30 Male 30 amps XT30 Female 30 Amps QS-9 Male 150 amps QS-9 Female Antispark 150 amps 5.5.x 2.1 4 amps GX16-5 GX12-3 XLR Male
Charger Battery Controller/ Charger Large battery builds Evolve GTX Begode 100v, Inmotion 100v, Sherman 100v (1,2+; 4,5-) Inmotion v11, V8? ONYX charger; Juiced charger
N/A Need PIC N/A Need PIC
XT60 Male 60 amps XT60 Female 60 amps QS10 Male 180 amps QS10 Female 180 amps 5.5.x 2.5 4 amps GX-16-6 GX16-4 XLR Female
Charger Battery Verreal Board Kingsong S22, Inmotion V13 Begode 84v; Master (1,2+ 3,4-) ONYX Battery
N/A Need PIC N/A Need PIC
XT90 Male 90 amps XT90 Female 90 Amps QS12 Male 250 amps QS12 Female 250 ampos 8mm Bullet
Charger Cyberx bike Battery
N/A Need PIC N/A Need PIC
XT90 Female Antispark 90 Amps GX16-3
Battery Backfire G2s
Begode 134.4V chargers (1,2+; 3,4-)

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