3Shul VESC Motor Controller CL1400 V4

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Battery Cells
6-30 Series
Battery Voltage
36-126 Volts
242mm X 160mm X 75mm
12v 1 Amp Max
Max Speed
Builds up to 150+ MPH
700 Battery AMPS
Motor Power
1400 Phase Amps
6.5 LBS

Product Information

Comes with Ampseal Connector and 28 crimpable pins.  If you want a harness added to your order, Click Here


  • Field Weakening and MTPA (Maximum Torque Per Amp) are supported.
  • Internal Bluetooth module 
  • IMU for self-balancing applications (Onewheel, EUC, Robotics, etc.) 
  • Plenty of CPU resources are left so you can make your apps for the controller
  • Powered By STM32F4 microcontroller Running at 168MHZ
  • Sensored and sensor-less FOC with auto-detection of all motor parameters
  • Current and voltage measurement on all phases
  • Variable Regenerative braking
  • Brushless, brushed DC motors, IPM motors are supported
  • A GUI that is easy on the eyes
  • Adaptive PWM frequency to get as good ADC measurements as possible
  • Good start-up torque in the sensor-less mode
  • The motor is used as a tachometer, which is good for odometry
  • Duty-cycle Control, Speed Control, Current Control, and Position Control
  • Seamless 4-quadrant operation
  • Interface to control the motor: PPM signal (RC servo), analog, UART, I2C, USB or CAN-bus
  • Consumed and regenerated amp-hour and watt-hour counting
  • Optional PPM signal output. Useful when e.g., controlling an RC car from a raspberry pi or an Android device.
  • The USB port uses the modem profile, so an Android device can be connected to the motor controller without rooting
  • Adjustable protection against
    • Low input voltage
    • High input voltage
    • High motor current
    • High input current
    • High regenerative braking current
    • Rapid duty cycle changes (ramping)
    • High RPM (separate limits for each direction).
  • When the current limits are hit, a soft back-off strategy is used while the motor keeps running. If the current becomes way too high, the motor is switched off completely.
  • The RPM limit also has a soft back-off strategy.
  • Realtime Data logging and Monitoring.
  • Size: L 242mm * W 160mm * H 75mm
  • Voltage: CL1400 (36-126 v (8-30s safe)) 
  • Current: Continuous max 700A Battery, 1400A Phase (Values depend on the mounting and ambient temperature around the device!)
  • Support BLDC square wave mode control and FOC sine wave mode.
  • Firmware: latest (firmware update supported)
  • ERPM:150000
  • Control Interface Ports: USB, CAN, UART, Bluetooth
  • Supported Sensors:  ABI, HALL, AS5047, AS5048A, Sensor-less
  • Input Set Support: PPM, ADC, NRF, UART
  • Circular Bus Bar Size: 10mm (Diameter)
  • Gyroscope and Accelerometer (BMI160)
  • Programmable: Yes
User Manuals, Firmware, Cad Files Click here
Bluetooth password for 3Shul #147258

Download the newest version of VESC-TOOL : https://vesc-project.com/vesc_tool

For setup and resources:

Based on Vesc by VESC®-Project. VESC is a registered TM, owned by Benjamin Vedder"


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