Version 1 Hyper Charger Instructions

 These Instructions are for the original batch 1 Hyper Chargers with separate voltage and current knobs on the back. 
If you have the Newer LED screen with a single knob on the back, Click here

Steps for usage: Please follow the below instructions strictly: 

  1. *Do not connect charger to the battery or vehicle yet* Adjust the current down to near 0 amps by turning the dial all the way to the left.

  2. Adjust charger to the correct maximum charge voltage for your vehicle. Emulate the OEM charger’s current or the known safe maximum voltage for the vehicle. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. DO NOT EXCEED THE MAXIMUM VOLTAGE SUGGESTED BY YOUR VEHICLE’S MANUFACTURER.

  3. Plug the charger into the wheel. The top red number will change to show the current voltage of your vehicle. The bottom number will display the amps that you are charging at. Slowly turn the larger knob to adjust the output amperage to your desired amount. 

As the State of Charge nears full, current will naturally reduce. This is normal. Some vehicles may turn on and off (Sherman, Begode, etc) as the vehicle’s BMS is turning on and off near full charge to facilitate balancing. 

Even though this charger will work on all 1-33 series (4.2-140 volt) batteries, we still recommend your OEM charger once a month to sustain a perfect cell balance. Alternatively, you can use this charger set to 0.1 amps for the last 5 volts of charge to keep the battery balanced (it is hard for a BMS to balance at high currents towards the end of charge.


Using the wrong voltage settings may damage the battery pack or charging wires.  If you are unsure, please call us at and we will let you know what settings to use. If your vehicle’s charging wires or battery do not support the current / amps they may melt or short. 

Please use a voltmeter to test the polarity of your original charger and the hyper charger before plugging in for the first time.

The Hyper Charger is not waterproof. The Hyper Charger is not drop-proof. *Please buy our Hyper Bumpers to protect your investment*

*1 year fully warranty. If the charger fails contact us or call 7 days a week 9-5 , 9-4 on weekends. Damage due to shorting out output is not covered, nor is damage due to water, foreign objects, or impact/ drops. See our warranty page for full details.