Rion Disclaimer


Rion products ship with a 2 year warranty. Warranty is voided if the user changes the firmware or the controllers settings are updated improperly.


You should only buy our products if you are an experienced rider and understand the inherent risks of the sport and that you actually totally and unequivocally waive all your rights against RION MOTORS Inc. and Alien Technology Group, Inc. DBA Alien Rides, by purchasing one of our products.
While we make every conceivable effort to make our products as safe as possible, no electric scooter is immune from malfunction. So to put it another way, always ride at a speed at which you are comfortable being able to run off in case something happens.

By purchasing our products, you agree to waive any rights (personal injury, property damage, everything) you have towards the RION MOTORS Inc., Alien Technology Group, Inc. DBA Alien Rides, and any of their directors or employees personally, against any claim of any nature whatsoever. This is the largest waiver possible to be interpreted in the largest possible way against you. If any of this does not make sense to you, please do not purchase any of our products.

This is potentially a dangerous electronic product that can be unpredictable. Any form of negligence, misuse, or unauthorized use will not be Rion’s or Alien Rides' Responsibility and warranty will be automatically voided. ALL LIABILITY is released from the Rion and Alien Rides team if any of these reasons are plausible. Please be careful when working with the unit(s)

Opening the controller enclosures, removing the tag/sicker outside the aluminum enclosure will also void your warranty.

Electrical modifications of any kind to your unit voids your warranty.



​Make sure you verify in your own country what the laws are concerning riding electric boards on public ways.

Also make sure to know if your country will charge you any duties for one of our products being shipped from California. You pay for shipping only through this website and are solely responsible for the payment of the duties that your government will charge you when the product arrives at your doorstep, if any (some countries don't charge duties). Make sure to inform yourself in advance to avoid surprises.