OLED Hyper Charger v2 Instructions

Alien Rides Hyper Charger Instructions

If you have an Original Hyper charger with 2 knobs and Old Display, Click Here
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Pre-Inspection - Before Use

Before using the Alien Rides Hyper Charger, take the time to read this document thoroughly. 

Inspect the charger for any damage to the charger's body and the wires. Ensure nothing has gotten into the vents or the fans on the charger. DO NOT PLUG IN THE CHARGER IF YOU SEE ANY DAMAGE. Do this each time you use the charger.

Setting Up the Charger for Use

When using the charger with any personal electric vehicle, take the time to ensure you correctly adjust the charger for the specific settings appropriate for that vehicle. Incorrect setup can result in permanent damage or worse.

  1. With the charger disconnected from the PEV, plug the charger into a power outlet.
    WARNING! Plugging the charger into a power outlet with a PEV connected can damage the charger, the PEV, or both.
  2. Using the preset selector knob on the rear of the charger, select the preset correct for the PEV you will be charging (Figure 1)
    WARNING! Verify the voltage correct, if not see the "Changing / Adjusting Hyper Charger Presets" Section
  3. Rotate Current Adjustment Knob counter-clockwise (from the rear view) until the knob stops, then rotate clockwise by 1/8 of a turn. (Figure 1) 
  4. The charger is now set to about 1 Amp, however it will still display 0 Amps (Figure 2)
  5. It is now safe to plug the charger into the charge port
  6. Monitoring the LCD screen to verify the charger is reading more than 0 Amps and less voltage than the maximum voltage setting - the charger is now charging (Figure 3)
  7. Using the Current Adjustment Knob set the desired charging current by rotating the knob clockwise
    WARNING! If the charger stops increasing the charging current you have reached the limit of the charging rate of the PEV. If this happens reduce the current of the charger, as this is not a safe charging rate.
  8. It is safe to disconnect the PEV at any time without adjusting the settings or when charging is complete.


Begode EUC's have limits on charging:
Mten4 - 4 amps
Most 100 volts wheels - 9 amps (3 amps per pack)
Most 134 Begode wheels - 9 to 10 amps
Inmotion V13 - 12 to 13 amps
Inmotion V13 - 9 amps
Kingsong S22 10 amps


Changing / Adjusting Hyper Charger Presets

There may be a need to change or adjust the preset voltages the charger comes with for various reasons. When transporting, using a different outlet, EV Charging station, using for the first time, or the first time in over a month, verify the voltages have not fallen out of adjustment. 

  1. Using the Preset Selector choose the preset that needs to be calibrated. (Figure 1)
  2. Count the preset starting at 1, and counting up while rotating the Preset Selector knob clockwise (there are only 4 presets)
  3. Locate the Preset Adjuster potentiometer that corresponds to the preset (Figure 1)
    • Counting from left to right 1 - 4
  4. Slowly rotate the Preset Adjuster potentiometer to adjust
    • Clockwise to increase Voltage
    • Counter-Clockwise to decrease Voltage
  5. When the Voltage has been adjusted as desired monitor the voltage momentarily to ensure that it is stable at the desired voltage 
  6. Finished - the voltage has been calibrated. See ‘Setting Up the Charger for Use’ Section to begin charging.


Figure 1. Rear of charger
Figure 2.

Figure 3.