JK BMS Issue

Alien Rides has identified an issue with our range extender's smart Bluetooth BMS units. There is a possibility that the top plate may come loose from the pressed in stand offs and damage your BMS. 

A BMS balances each cell group and sends the voltages back to the user's phone via an app. The BMS is located inside your battery bag, wrapped by PVC shrink wrap material.

Please download the IOS app here or the Android app here to see if you have one of these Bluetooth smart BMS installed in your custom range extender. Please fill out this form

If you are able to connect to the JK BMS app, you have a unit that is affected with this manufacturing defect. Please reach fill out this form and we will arrange return shipping services to fix this issue in our San Francisco location. Turn around is 1-3 days.  

If you have a range extender bag with a voltmeter panel display pictured below you do not have any issue as they used a different BMS

Please watch this video for a detailed explanation of the issue.

Android and IOS apps
Jk BMS is 3.25" wide.   If your BMS is 2.5" wide it is not a JK.
This is the JK BMS inside our newest in house built Range Extender Batteries
This is the area of the BMS that has the issue.
This is the issue. With too much pressure, the stand off breaks from the top plate, and the aluminum may short the leads below and render the BMS useless and you may find your battery will no longer charge/discharge.