Begode T4 Stator Slippage and Motor Replacement

Begode T4 Stator Slippage and Motor Replacement


1/9/23 Update

Step by step walk-through of swapping motor is here!


12/19/22 Update

As promised the QS motors for your Batch 1 Begode T4 have arrived. Please enter your information so we can ship to the correct address. The failure rate of the Batch 1 is low, yet we still chose to buy you all new motors even though they are not covered by the manufacturer. Your happiness and safety is paramount to us at Alien Rides. Please follow this link (Filming video as of now) for instructions on how to change your motor out.  We ask that you destroy your old motor (you may keep your tire and tube).  

Also, a kickstand for your T4 will be shipped along with your QS Motor! Kickstands will only be for Batch 1 (ZX Motor) owners. More will come and stay tune for update


10/25/22 Update

There are reports of 5~7% of first-batch wheels from Alien Rides having stator slipping and grinding noises. We are told by Begode that this only affected a small percentage of wheels. But after a few weeks we saw quite a few verified issues, enough so to make the decision to pay Begode for all-new motors when they were willing to only replace on an as needed basis. 

On October 5th, we put in the order and are now waiting for the motors ( to be completed and shipped to us from China. As of October 25th, we understand that the motors will be ready to ship to our freight forwarder (CHINA to San Francisco) as soon as November 1st

The instant they arrive at our warehouse, we will notify everyone of the good news. For the time being, we ask you to not ride at full speed, or not ride at all.  

If you insist on riding, DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

In the meantime, please be patient with us as we get a new motor out to you. 

1) New QS motors being send to all first-batch orders free of charge

  • At this time, it is unknown if Begode will be updating firmware for the original board or if the motors will be plug and play  
  • New motor is made by QS motor ( and not the ZX vendor

2) We requested a tube and tire installed at our cost for ease of installation. This is a plug and play customer install. Installation is quite easy and we will have a full video for you and a tool kit if you need (less than 4 tools needed for the motor swap)

3) Local customers are welcome to drop off their wheels at our warehouse, motor installation is $150.

4) Remote customers who do not want to have the motor shipped are welcome to ship their complete wheel back to us, and we will install the new motor. Customers are required to pay the shipping costs and labor (shipping + $150). If a customer is experiencing stator slippage issues, according to our warranty policy they will just have to pay half shipping and labor is free.

There are some youtube videos circulating on testing the motor by grabbing a pullup bar, lifting your wheel with your calves, letting it spin to full speed forward and dropping with your whole body weight. If you attempt this test, DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. This may generate enough torque to see if you have a motor with a stator that may slip; however, this is not a comprehensive test. We have tried this on a few of our employees’ personal T4s and have not been able to recreate slippage. This does not mean that it would not slip on your wheel.

Please also be aware that this drop test could also cause a control board malfunction or damage to other components in the system. If you insist on riding and want to conduct the riding drop test, again, DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. We recommend that you wait for a new motor to be shipped to you.

T4 Motor Disassembly Video


What's a stator?

Q&A Questions

1) When will I receive my new QS motor?

- You will receive tracking when we receive them at our San Francisco warehouse! Transit from China to US from our freight forwarder is around 30 to 45 days as of our recent shipments.