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Sitting proudly atop the Hyper-Sports scooter category is the Vsett 11+, unashamedly brash and bold in its ‘Captain America’ livery and staking its claim to be the road rocket of choice for a discerning scootering public.

Built tall and tough, make no mistake, this is a scooter that means business. The strength and rigidity of the frame and forks give rise to its 150kg rider weight limit, and it feels every inch the highest performer among the high-performance set.

Mounted tall on 4” grooved road tyres, you can feel the grip and balance immediately, although the excellent manners at slow speed could surprise you. This is still a scooter you can comfortably ride around town. But stab the ‘Sport Mode’ button and hang on, because this e-scooter puts down 1500W nominal power per wheel, and it will be off and running!

Suspension comes in the form of twin rear hydraulic shocks, and the front ends in confidence-inspiring twin inverted forks, Motocross-style! Niceties like indicators and a headlamp to shame a car add to the useability, but this isn’t any lightweight commuter for your across-town hop. This one means business.

If eye-popping performance, head-turning looks and a beating heart of pure electric power are on your wish list for your next scooter, the Vsett 11+ is the perfect choice.

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